AKKOMARKA was established in 2013 in Istanbul to breathe a new life into the food and beverages industry, to represent its homeland in local and international markets and develop corporate brands.

AKKOMARKA combines an elegant setting with authentic food adapted and crafted from different cuisines, tastes and ingredients served with unique concepts and high standards of hygiene.

AKKOMARKA has the ability to analyse the expectations of the modern world thanks to its international network of branches, while taking its strength from the Anatolian culture which developed its culinary traditions over thousands of years.

AKKOMARKA appreciates the importance of creating consistently high quality food, with skilled and trained staff working in environment whose interior and exterior architecture enhances the uniqueness of all its brands. Acknowledging this duty as a top priority, it has spared no effort to meet these expectations.

AKKOMARKA is a prominent brand in the industry with its strong management and organisational structure. Its financial power to make investments and remarkable skills to develop products make it distinctly superior within the industry. In a competitive market, it uses this power to provide the highest quality products and services to its customers.

AKKOL was established in 2007 with the purpose of operating in the food and beverage sector in Türkiye. Today, we serve in many different sectors such as business centers, construction, industry, education and health.

In addition, we provide high quality service to our customers thanks to our investments in catering and retail restaurant & cafe. We provide this service with approximately 2000 employees to daily 200.000 pax.

AKKOL aims to fulfill the needs of the customers within the broad contexture of service industry.

AA investment has been established in 2022 to meet the increasing energy needs of the future generations with the each year increasing population in Türkiye and in the world.